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Virtual Assistant Services

What does my bespoke VA package include?

👉🏼 Outreach/engagement
👉🏼 Email marketing
👉🏼 Onboarding/offboarding
👉🏼 Lead tracking
👉🏼 Spreadsheets
👉🏼 Content creation
👉🏼 Community support

💸My bespoke VA packages start from £350 per month depending on the services required.

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When is it time to work with a VA?

👉🏼 If you are feeling overwhelmed
👉🏼 If you dread creating content
👉🏼 If you want another person onboard to support

         you and your business
👉🏼 If you are turning down new business because

         you’re too busy
👉🏼 If you need help getting more leads & calls booked in

No 2 people run their business the same way, everyone is different which means everyone has different needs/ struggles/ things to outsource.


Having a VA can help keep you accountable, save you time, & give you ideas.


One of the many benefits of a VA is we work with several different people who do the same job as you and its a good way to share different ideas to help your business flow better.

It’s also more cost effective to outsource than it is to employ. You do not need to pay for holidays/ systems/ etc you just pay for time and value.

The fastest and easiest way to grow your business is to OUTSOURCE!

Hear it from my clients..
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WhatsApp Image 2022-06-28 at 7.46.40 AM.jpeg
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Guides Available to Purchase 

Starter Guides

Send a professional starter guide to your clients when they join your coaching program, full of details on what to expect from you as a coach, what you expect from them as a client and exactly how your coaching works!

Starter Packs


Info Packs

These are great to send to anyone who enquires with you for coaching before you get them on a call. It’s a guide full of information about how your coaching programs work, what to expect, client results, the different packages available and any other information you would like to add.

Info Packs           


My Fitness Pal Guide

A completely detailed guide to explain to your clients how to use my fitness pal and to track their food and macros efficiently

Starter Packs


FREE Client Experience Guide

I put together this guide with my top tips on how you can upgrade your clients experience!
Client experience is essential for results, retention and referrals!

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